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How do I book a session?

To book a session please visit my contact page and send me your details. Within two days I will get back to you, so we can discuss your session and set a date!


Can we have all the images from the session?

With Premium and Family packages you'll recieve all the beautiful pictures. They are your memories! The studio packages include a specific amount of images, since the location is very clean and variations are limited. You can be sure that I'll choose the best ones for you. All pictures you'll recieve are artistially edited.


What time in the day our session will take place?

The best time for photoshoots is the "golden hour" which is around sunrise or sunset. The golden hour gives the images a very dreamy magical look that you can't get at any other time. Also, the strong and high sun in the sky makes harsh shadows and "noise" in the image. Afternoon is usually more convenient for most people, but I am flexible.


What should we wear for the photoshoot?

Anything that shows your lifestyle and your personality is great. And yes, we will match the other parameters of the session- like the location, the activity and the style. This is how we will get a wonderful artistic vibe that shows who you are perfectly. My session includes a zoom meeting or a phone call with you to discuss and decide together all the details. But since you're asking; natural colors and materials usually look amazing in photos. You can also seek inspiration on my Instagram feed or on Pinterest and share with me vibes you loved.


Do you have a client wardrobe?

Yes, I do have a wardrobe for 0-2 babies, which can be used in studio or outdoor sessions. I have a few items for older kids, but I encourage you to show up with your own style and personality!

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